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SM/ASM/IOLS Training

SM/ASM/IOLS Training
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Troop 51 will host a SM/ASM/IOLS training opportunity January 11-13 at its camp (RL Williams) in Forsysth, GA

The start time for the SM/ASM portion will be Friday 6:30 pm and end approximately 9:30 pm (please eat before hand or bring your supper with you). Participants are encouraged to camp out Friday night. Participants have the option to do SM/ASM on line, however the formal class is going to a very good class.

IOLS (Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills) will start with check in at 8:00am and continue until 11am Sunday. All participants are required to camp in a tent overnight.

All participants need to bring everything they need to camp (including Scout essentials) over night to include a mess kit.

Cost for training is:

SM/ASM if not done on line is $10

IOLS is $30

All participants must bring a current BSA physical (2014 printing) with Parts A/B completed, also bring your YPT2 certificate. Once participants have registered through Council Office, they will receive an email with specific information.

All participants should bring the following BSA literature:

2018 BSA Guide to Safe Scouting

Troop Leaders Guide Book Volume I and II.

BSA Field Book 5th Edition

Registration deadline is January 4, 2019.

Any questions please contact Steve Skinner, Ocmulgee District Training Chairman at email: skinners1963@att.net and/or iphone 478-394-1449