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Camp Masters Popcorn Kick-Off Sales Training with Michael Beck

Would You Like To Raise All The Money You Need For Your Scouts With Only One Fundraiser? 

We can show you how to earn that money in ONE Weekend! 

In addition, we can show you how to pass on that information to your scouts in such a way that it gives them skills to set their own goals and achieve a level of success that even they did not believe they could attain. 

Michael Beck is a dad of two scouts in the Cradle of Liberty Council. He created a program that has helped many packs and troops stop worrying about funds and concentrate more on the FUN of Scouting. This program is responsible for helping the Cradle of Liberty Council go from $287,000 in fundraising sales to over 1.3 million in just 2 years and has enabled Pack and Troop 111 to go from $1,500 in sales in 2001 to over $80,000 in sales and become the highest selling unit in the country for three years in a row with over $30,000 per year to spend on the boys for new equipment, trips, summer camp, and community service projects. As sensational as these numbers seem, they are actual figures based upon proven results. 

No matter what you currently do as a fundraising event, you will be able to take away something from the information presented. You will be able to pass on to your scouts the ability to develop better communication and public speaking skills, a greater degree of self-confidence, higher self-esteem, and the ability to earn their own way. 

Each year Mr. Beck agrees to do a limited number of presentations within the Camp Master councils in an attempt to help every unit, every pack and troop, that would like to stop fundraising every month and get back to leading the scouts through their training. Most importantly, each and every one of you is invited to attend. 

Unit Leaders, Popcorn Kernels, Parents: Everyone is encouraged to come out and learn how to make your unit’s popcorn sale the best it has ever been. 


Thursday, August 11, 2022, via Zoom at 7:00pm


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