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Central Georgia CouncilOnline Merit Badge Classes

Online Merit Badge Classes 2020

New merit badge classes will be added, continue to check the schedule for the latest information!!

In response to COVID-19, the Central Georgia Council, B.S.A. will be offering online merit badge classes starting Monday, April 13, 2020 to any scout(s) involved in a Scouts BSA program. We believe that this will help support our youth and their families in these programs as our local communities have suspended all school and / or other group programs. 

 Each session will consist of one hour of instruction each day. The scout(s) should receive a link to log into their class the Friday evening prior to their first class but no less than 24 hours before the start of the class.

Scouts will use these links each day to receive live instruction from a merit badge counselor and guest presenters related to those important topics. Scouts will have various requirements to complete each day before the next day’s classes; instruction will end on Thursday of each week.

Each Friday (of any given week) will be used by merit badge counselors to communicate with those scouts via email to wrap up any final paperwork and / or requirements to help with the completion of the merit badge. Overall, we believe that these online merit badge-based programs will make a great educational supplement to ongoing online efforts being made by our current public, private, and charter schools throughout our impacted region.

Blue cards will be provided digitally to the scout after the week is over and only after the merit badge counselor has verified that the individual scout has completed all listed requirements under that specific merit badge (no need to worry about ScoutBook).

Additional Notes (Please Review)

  1. Each scout must register separately so we can track their daily progress and attendance. 
  2. Current youth protection guidlines (two - deep leadership and no one-on-one contact) will be followed by all staff under the Central Georgia Council, B.S.A. and its merit badge counselors at all times while working with youth and their families; more information can be found below: "Important Excerpts from Advancement Guidelines"
  3. All merit badge classes are open to any scout(s) from any council(s) that are currently participating in a Scouts BSA program; all times listed below are located in the eastern time zone of the United States of America.
  4. We strongly encourage and recommend that any scout(s) participating in these online classes receive verbal permission from their parents / guardians and their unit leader(s); more information (below) - "Virtual Merit Badge Guidelines"
  5. All live merit badge instruction will be provided by an online format called Zoom; an online portal provided by the Central Georgia Council, B.S.A.
  6. Lastly, please be aware that not all merit badge requirements will be completed by the end of the week; many of these merit badges listed below have outdoor components that will not be able to be completed in an online setting, but all merit badge counselors will be providing various virtual field trip opportunities in the form of video segments to complete some of the more difficult requirements listed under each merit badge.

*Scouts may want an adult with them to help.  Please be advised that if you are having technical difficulties, we will not have anyone available to help you accept and start your Zoom invitation.  Please visit Zoom.com to see video tutorials on how to Join a Meeting or click on the link below.