Web Based Rechartering Now Available     

To start using Internet Rechartering - CLICK HERE

The Central Georgia Council is proud to introduce a new and improved method of rechartering.  Unit leaders will now have the ability to update and submit their unit roster online.  The only difference in the process is the roster will now be updated online by the unit and then submitted remotely to the Council in a safe and secure manner. 

Each unit leader designated for rechartering will be given a unit login code and password with the recharter kit.  This will provide access to the unit's “real time” information.  The Internet site provides a program for updating leader and Scout information,  will calculate the fees automatically, and accept Boy Life subscriptions. 

Upon completion of the process the leader will then print the revised roster to submit with proper payment along with all original youth and adult leader applications.  Signatures on all youth and adult leader applications with hard copies are still required upon submission of the completed renewal.   This process will greatly assist councils in compiling the most accurate and up to date unit information. 

The new system is also designed to integrate Packmaster and Troopmaster software.  If your unit currently uses this software you may upload the roster information directly into the online rechartering program.   



If you are unsure on how to use the Internet Rechartering, please click INTERNET RECHARTERING TUTORIAL  to find out more about how to use the program




Thank you for using the Internet rechartering program to register your unit.