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Central Georgia CouncilTrainingTraining Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Central Georgia Council

Training Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Effective: April 2021

Purpose: To establish a standard operating procedure that will help create standardization in ensuring quality training is conducted within Central Georgia Council (Guide to Leader Training - https://i9peu1ikn3a16vg4e45rqi17-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/721-92018_Leader-Training_FPO-1.pdf )

  1. Before any training is conducted within the council, any Scouter interested in conducting any official BSA related training must contact your District Training Chair to get approval to conduct said training. District training chairs will notify the council training chair as well.
  2. The Scouter that conducts the approved training will ensure that a roster is prepared and submitted to the council office and the district training chair so that the completions can be entered into the training management system to ensure proper credit is given.
  3. All trainers must be approved through their respective District Training chair along with said training for their district. This provides the following checks and balances:
  • Knowledge that the training is scheduled so the training can be promote;
  • Knowledge of training location, information, and proof of training for non-council sponsored trainings and track volunteers off-council training; and
  • Keeps the council/district training chair in the loop.

In order to be considered and approved to be a trainer with Central Georgia Council the following must and will be adhered to:

  1. Be current on YPT.
  2. Be position trained in your registered position.
  3. Be willing to complete Fundamentals of Training as soon as possible (3 hour class).
  4. Have completed the training you wish to instruct.

The following classes or courses are council/district level training as indicated.

  • University of Scouting- Council
  • Adult Basic Training- all training can be completed on line, if done in classroom, it must be done at District level or higher.
  • YPT2- preferred method is on line. If done in classroom, must be conducted by the District Training chairman, Pack Trainer or their approved designee.
  • Supplemental training- on line preferred, if done in classroom, must be done at District level or higher.

Nothing stated in the SOP prevents anyone from seeking training outside of CGC, however the individual must obtain a certificate of training or a class roster so the training completion can be entered into the training management system as outside councils cannot do this.

For training completions to be entered into the training management system, an individual must provide either BSA certificate of training (Form 33767) sign by an approved instructor or a BSA training sign in roster from an approved instructor. 

Ken Barton, keb@cooperbarton.com – CGC Program Chairman

Tania Appling, TaniaAppling@djj.state.ga.us - CGC Council Training Chairman