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Central Georgia CouncilVolunteersBALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation)


For packs to have their own campouts, a unit leader must participate in a BALOO training and certification course.  BALOO stands for Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation.  It's designed to introduce Cub Scout leaders to the newly expanded opportunities for pack overnight camping.   This is an energetic training that will cover everything you need to know to plan and run a pack overnighter.  It's more than just camping; it includes ideas for outdoor activities, games, and ceremonies; information on selecting, and using camping equipment; and how to run a campfire program.

BSA has made a number of changes to the camping policy for Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts.  Besides participating in council camps (twilight camp, resident camp), packs may now organize overnight campouts for boys and their families.  Adults leading a pack overnighter must attend BALOO training in order to be issued a tour permit (Cub Scout/Webelos Scout Outdoor Program Guidelines for 2001, 13-631).  Also, any Cub Scout leader wishing to attend Wood Badge must first complete BALOO training.