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To:   All prospective Merit Badge and Shooting Sports Instructors:


Welcome to the Central Georgia Council BSA, sponsored NRA Instructor training. You have been offered an unbelievable opportunity to become a part of a movement to create more instructors in the Boy Scouts of America so that we may help our youth to become the next generation of shooting sports enthusiasts. 


Many changes had come about in Scouting in recent years and Shooting Sports has not been untouched by them.  BSA asked the NRA to become affiliated with BSA Shooting Sports and take charge of training the Shooting Sports participants at all levels of the sport.  The NRA has over 100 years track record of unprecedented success and experience in training young shooters.  This is best illustrated in the NRAs founding principles.  The NRA was formed by former Civil War officers that noticed a distinct lack of firearms competence in recruits.  The NRA was formed to train and promote shooting sports as a form of sporting endeavor and has grown since its inception to join today with the BSA to promote safety and the enjoyment of the sport to the next generation of shooters.


By requesting Instructor training now being offered by the Council you are not just helping the Pack, Troop or Crew you are affiliated with, but you are also getting a pretty good deal on the training as well.  A quick look at the internet will show you that the same course being offered to the public by Trained NRA Instructors will cost you anywhere from 250 to 400 dollars depending on the course and the number of hours involved.  Due to the agreement signed between the NRA and the BSA, we can offer the same courses delivered by trained NRA Training Counselors at a fraction of that cost.  The cost of attending any of the councils training events is limited to paying for the materials and ammunition only. 


So the mandatory Basic Instructors Course will only cost you 20 dollars.  The Range Safety Officers Course is only 50 dollars, and any of the Disciplines you wish to add to your certification list are only 50 dollars.  This takes into account you providing for your own accommodations and meals, and again only covers the cost of NRA teaching materials, consumables and ammunition.


Pretty good when you consider that those other courses want you to provide your own firearm, ammunition, accommodations and meals and cost 5 to 8 times as much.


We are poised to offer training at the Council offices or Camp Benjamin Hawkins as necessary to maintain a core of training professional shooting sports instructors.  But if traveling to either location for an extended period is out of the question for any reason and you have the necessary facilities (a classroom, and a range to shoot), accommodations can be made to have a Training Counselor come to you.  All that is needed is a formal request presented to the council offices, a minimum of 4 individuals wishing to be trained, and 2 free weekends.


The first weekend will be used to cover BIT or Basic Instructor Training, and RSO or Range Safety Officer training.  The follow on weekend will be discipline specific, ie Rifle, Shotgun or Pistol.


We anxiously look forward to your comments and enquiries.



Your Shooting Sports Training Team.



BSA Shooting Sports Commitment


Rifle Welcome Packet


Shotgun Welcome Packet