COPE & Climbing Instructor Training


Course Name  

Central Georgia Council COPE & Climbing Foundations Instructor Level I (Climbing Towers/Indoor Wall) Training Course 

Course Dates  

Dec 9th – Dec 11th 

Course Duration  

@20 Hours ( Fri:6pm -10pm, Sat: 9am – 9pm, Sun: 9am to 12 pm ) 

Course Location  

Camp Benjamin Hawkins 

2251 Boy Scout Rd

Byron, GA 31008

Course Fee  

(No cost! But we do ask a commitment to work at least two climbing activities during the year) 

Course Eligibility - 

• BSA Registered Adult (at least 18 years old)  

• BSA Registered Youth (at least 16 years old and have earned or currently working on the Climbing Merit Badge) 


Prerequisites &   

Required Reading Prior to Start of   


• BSA Youth Protection Training 1  

• BSA Climb On Safely 1  

• BSA Weather Hazards 1  

• BSA Annual Medical and Health Form (Parts A & B) 2  

• Read Chapters 2, 5-11, 13-14, and 27 in the BSA “Belay On” Manual 3 

Course Provided  Equipment 

A climbing harness and helmet will be provided for use by each participant during the training  course. If you have your own climbing harness and helmet, you may bring them to the  weekend course and request approval for use.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prior to granting permission for use, all personal climbing harnesses and  helmets will be subject to inspection by the course staff to ensure they meet both BSA’s and  the manufacturer’s safety and appropriate use standards. You must bring documentation for your gear in regard to the manufacturer’s suggested retirement date and date of purchase for the gear to be approved for use. 

Course References 

• BSA “Belay On” Manual  

• BSA “Climb On Safely” Training Outline  

• BSA “Climbing” Merit Badge Pamphlet  

• Climbing Knots including but not limited to the following: Figure 8, Figure 8 Follow 

Through, Figure 8 on bight, Water Knot, Stopper Knot, Clove Hitch and the Munter with 


An excellent on-line resource is “Animated Knots” by Grog ( 

Course Registration 

Please register online at the Calendar section of the Central Georgia Council web site: 

Course Questions  

-Contact Paul Southerland ( - 478-461-4762)  

or Stephanie Rumley ( – 478-334-8039) 

Snacks and drinks will be provided but please eat dinner or bring dinner for Friday. Meals will not be provided but there will be breaks to cook/get lunch and dinner if necessary. 

Course Description  

The course is designed to cover the Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience (COPE) and Climbing Instructor Level I  Foundations and Climbing Instructor Level I competencies. The course goal is to ensure that you can safely and  effectively support Central Ga. Council Unit, District, and Council climbing/rappelling activities held at Camp Benjamin Hawkins. Training will be conducted following the BSA guidelines of “Climb On Safely”, “Belay On”, National  Camp Accreditation Program (NCAP) Standards, and CGC’s COPE and Climbing Policies and Procedures.  

This Level I course is intended for BSA registered adults who meet the above prerequisites and are interested in learning and teaching the basics of climbing and rappelling on CGC’s Climbing Tower and assisting with COPE activities. Upon successful completion of the course (to include demonstrating climbing/rappelling core competencies), adults will receive their BSA “Climbing Instructor Level I” training card.  

BSA registered youth who meet the above prerequisites are also eligible to take the Level I course. Upon successful completion (to include demonstrating climbing/rappelling core competencies), youth will receive their BSA “Climbing  Instructor in Training” card.  

Please note that this course will only focus on CGC’s artificial climbing surfaces (i.e. Tower and COPE elements) and will not cover natural rock climbing/rappelling or anchor set-up/safety 

.1 BSA prerequisite training must be current (i.e. within 2 years) or completed before the Instructor Training Card can be issued 2 BSA Annual Medical Form (Parts A & B) must be current (i.e. within 12 months)